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We will manage the entire recruitment process for you, all you have to do is choose the candidate that suits you best!


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In a few moments you will have a new employee in the business, at a surprising price.

So for starters, we'd love to get to know you:

Recruitment process

Easy and fast recruitment process with the help of our unique system

100% match

Our system knows how to identify the perfect match for your job

Candidates screening

A simple and effective candidate filtering process

Attractive price

Attractive prices starting from 189$

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Create your job

After creating the job, our algorithm will determine the best way to market your job to potential candidates.


At this point, our system advertises on the platforms where your job will reach the most suitable candidates.

Candidates evaluation

In the third step, our algorithm determines whether the candidate is suitable for your job, and if so, a filtering process begins.

Automatic hiring

After finding the right candidate the hiring process begins. All the necessary paperwork and forms are in the system.

Why should you go for digital recruitment?

Savings of 92% in recruitment costs and resources

Maximum match between the job and the candidate

Hiring in 4 days on average!

A simple, user-friendly system

Quality recruitment that will ensure long-term employee retention

Change the content of the job and the characteristics of the desired candidate with a click

Savings of 86% of time invested in hiring employees

Storing necessary documents for the employees in the system

Our customers recommend

"mynextworker's employee evaluation system helped me recruit the most suitable employees for my business from all the applicants who applied"
Nir Shahar
Mzchit fashion house
"The mynextworker system helped us recruit employees easily, quickly and at an affordable price!"
Asaf Kinley
Rum Writers Club at 22 Rothschild Hote
"We were looking for waiters during the Covid-19 crisis, we started using mynextworker's service and started receiving inquiries from waiters, the service is simple and easy to use"
Shlomi Lotan
chain of Japanese restaurants
"Mynextworker's system has greatly improved our employee recruitment process. we really liked the advanced screening of candidates that the system offers"
Roberto Ben Shoshan
Roberto Agency
מטעים לוגו
"Personal, fast, matter-of-fact service, a system that allows locating relevant employees within the vicinity of the business area. Already in the first week, we recruited a serious employee who integrated well into the business."
Eran Peretz
Ramat Hanediv plantations

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