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תמונה איטן בירן


Ethan Biran

Can you imagine falling asleep at your best friend’s wedding? My name is Ethan Biran, CEO of Mynextworker, and I fell asleep at my best friend’s wedding. Why am I telling you this?
A few years ago, I was a small business owner, and I remember feeling like I was spending too much of my time dealing with my employees. Once when an employee didn’t show up for a night shift, I did what is expected from a manager and covered his shift myself. The problem was that my best friend’s wedding was the next day. Yes, that’s the wedding I fell asleep at. This event was one of many that made me realize the need for a service that would help small businesses find quality staff without wasting unnecessary time and money. 

Alihay Dror

Director of sales

Itamar Halevi

Director of sales

Barel Zrihan

User experience

Kedem Diamnet

VP Technologies

Sharel Aviad

Product manager

Omer Pogel

Management of customer files

Nitzan Solyom


Nir Shahar

Languages ​​and translations

Sapir Naim

Product manager

Adi Ben

Software testing

Dany Cohen

Product manager

Yael Osfobet

Employee screening and diagnostics specialist

Eden Nuri

Customer service manager

Alona sold

Occupational promotion expert

Dana Mor

Office manager

Omer Biton

Product manager

Or Barak

Software developer

Roi Asaf

Software developer

Lior Cohen

Software developer

Mor Levi

Software developer

Rotem Ben Dor

Software developer

Amit Peleg

Software developer

Sivan Or

Software developer

Sharon Amir

Software developer

Shlomi Eran

Software developer

May Kratsevski

Job manager

Sapir Naor

Customer service

Lior Ovadia

Candidate evaluation

So how did we start mynextworker?

As you can see, I have dealt with recruiting in all shapes and forms throughout my career. I always felt like instead of using my energy to develop my business and work towards my goals, I spend all of it looking for new employees. I would publish ads on different platforms, answer phone calls from interested candidates, and conduct interviews. I was constantly filling two roles simultaneously: I was a business owner looking to grow and expand, and the head of the hiring department.

I found myself in an absurd situation, having to choose whether to invest my time in new clients or new employees. I knew major tech companies had big recruiting departments that allowed them to develop their business and hire the best people out there. They would hire human resources experts, employee evaluation services, psychologists, and other professional advisors. But unlike them, I had a small business and did not have the same resources.

I realized it couldn’t be just me. Many small businesses need a reasonably priced recruitment service. When I founded Mynextworker, my vision was to provide small business owners with a tool that would allow them to focus their attention on developing and improving their businesses and themselves, instead of sorting through countless potential employees.

So, I’ve decided to create a free digital recruitment system that provides businesses, small and large, with a simple yet advanced hiring department that would fit easily into their business.



Create your job

After creating the job, our algorithm will determine the best way to market your job to potential candidates.


At this point, our system advertises on the platforms where your job will reach the most suitable candidates.

Candidates evaluation

In the third step, our algorithm determines whether the candidate is suitable for your job, and if so, a filtering process begins.

Automatic hiring

After finding the right candidate the hiring process begins. All the necessary paperwork and forms are in the system.

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