All the Features You Need to Manage Your recruitment

Post your job

Once your job description is ready, it’s time to release it into the world for optimal exposure. My Next Worker will promote your job description on the most relevant platforms and groups, based on the nature of the position, and location. With over ten thousand advertising platforms, My Next Worker ensures significant, targeted exposure to your ideal candidate.

Find Great Candidates

Once your ad reaches your ideal candidates and they show interest in the position, they’ll be invited to take a behavioral assessment test to help predict if their behavior is a good fit for the role they are applying for. This assessment will ultimately give you, the employer, objective data to help you make more educated hiring decisions.

Background Checks

mynextworker alerts you to applicants’ potentially risky behavior. By scanning public information about applicants, including social media networks and public information made available by law enforcement agencies, you’ll receive a more complete picture that will help you make better hiring decisions while minimizing your company’s exposure.

Manage Applicants

Whether your candidates are in the initial stages of applying for a position, or the more advanced stages of the hiring process, mynextworker helps you track and manage candidates effectively and efficiently. Once you decide you’re ready to connect with an applicant, mynextworker lets you choose between email, phone, WhatsApp or social networks. All you have to do, is click your choice.

Hiring THE ONE

When it’s finally time to turn your applicant into an employee, mynextworker will handle the bureaucracy of forms, turning the process into a seamlessly digital experience. Whatever forms your new employee needs to fill out, we’ll make sure they’re digitally signed and sent directly to your account. Zero paperwork, zero inconvenience. We’ve got you, and your employees, covered.

Attract Talent

My Next Worker helps you create a clear and concise job description to help attract the right talent to your business. Asking you carefully articulated questions, My Next Worker guides you in your process. And if there’s still information missing, or if it there’s a better way of saying it, the system will alert you. The end result is a stellar job description that will attract the type of candidates you’re looking for.  

Find Work