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Private company A.B. INTERACTIVE SOLUTIONS LTD – 514599091

(Below: “The service provider” and/or “The company”) provides a platform for recruiting employees, publishing available jobs, evaluating candidates using personalized tests, collecting and managing resumes, an option to purchase CV of relevant candidates, a system for creating wanted ads, and a system for scanning data from public databases.

Information presented by the company includes tests, text, video, analysis, tables, comparisons and more (Below: “The website” and/or “The system”). Prior to registration and/or further use of the service offered on the website, it is important you make sure you are authorized to access the website and that you have legally received access to the personal zone (username and password), to guarantee you are using the system in a legal manner without breaking the rules and regulations you are submitted to, including your user license.


Every visit and use of the website, its content and the services provided on it or on any website and/or service that might replace it and/or is identified with it constitutes an agreement to the conditions of use listed below. If you do not wish to accept the terms and conditions listed below you are requested to avoid using the website. Every user of the website declares they are aware of the terms and conditions and accepts them. The company can be held responsible towards the users and/or subscribers of the website only regarding the conditions listed in this document. The company maintains its right to change these terms and conditions occasionally according to its needs and considerations. You hereby declare you have contractual capacity and are of the proper age to be held accountable by a legal contract. You must be over 18 years of age to be able to use the website and/or service.

Use of the website

  1. Definitions
    • “The user/the users” – The registered users of the website and/or the unregistered users of the website and/or subscribers of all kinds and/or visitors of the website, whether on a single visit or on a regular basis.
    • “subscriber/interviewer/potential recruiter/recruiter” – A user that has registered to use the services offered on the website, holds a personal username and password, and intends to hire employees using the system and the tools offered by the company.
    • “Free subscription and/or trial period” – a subscription given for a limited time – the duration of which will be decided by the company – which grants the user the use of certain features of the system, given in order to test the relevance of the system to the user’s needs.
    • “The candidate/recruited/interviewed” – a potential candidate for a job who gets a link for an evaluation test, requested to provide personal details and answer questions.
    • “The service” – access to any service provided on the website, for free or not, and the option to use the tools offered on the website for potential employees.


  1. Agreement to the terms and conditions of use
    • For the interviewed –
    • By registering and/or creating an account and/or visiting and/or signing in and/or using the website and/or answering questions about the website on any other media you hereby consent and approve that you have read and understood the terms and conditions listed below including the declaration of privacy which appears below and/or separately on this website. If you do not wish to agree to these terms and conditions we request you avoid using the services provided by the company and/or the website.


  1. Use of the website

3.1. The website features an online system designed to present data and tools for recruiting potential candidates for a job using tests, video, text, links, descriptions, questions and more (Below: “The information”).

3.2. Some of the information is collected from external sources such as links to other websites, videos and more. Some of the data is subject to analysis and/or has been modified before being presented on the website. It should be emphasized that the information presented on the website is only a tool and does not constitute a recommendation and/or a basis for making decisions and/or consultation of any kind. The website will not be held responsible, directly or indirectly for any damages caused by using the website, directly or indirectly. The company will keep the information on the website accurate, up to date, up to a high standard and fitting to the needs of its users to the best of its ability. However, The Company doesn’t control all content on the website and is not responsible for making sure that every part of the information is accurate, reliable, and dependable. Therefore the website will not be held responsible for consequences regarding any damages including inaccuracies, mistakes, and the use and/or relaying upon them.

3.3. A user of the website will receive access to the personal zone by a unique personalized username and password giving only them access to view their content, or by signing up with a Facebook/Google account.

3.4. The license to use allows only watching and reading the information on the website personally by the user and does not allow sharing the information with a third party for consultation purposes or any type of distribution (Below: “The license to use”). Access to the information is only granted to the owner of the original license to use. It should be emphasized that the license to use does not grant the right to copy, distribute, change, broadcast, implement, present publicly and/or to a third party that does not hold a similar license to use and/or make an offer to the public and/or a group of people and any other action not clearly permitted by the company.

3.5. The devices allotted for a single license shall not exceed 3: PC, mobile and tablet. Any further use can and will result in the user being blocked.

3.6. The website maintains the right to manage different types of accounts for different users according to its exclusive judgment.

3.7. The company reserves the right to execute its exclusive judgment and preform occasional tests and/or limit and/or change existing limitations on the conditions of the license such as (but not limited to): (a) detecting a simultaneous login of the same username from two different devices; (b) frequent login from different IP addresses; (c) Login from sources unidentified by the system. Every case would be addressed specifically. In any case of a license being blocked and/or frozen we encourage you to contact us through the website.

3.8. The company reserves the right to decide under which conditions to reactivate said account.

3.9. The company reserves the right to develop technological tools and actions including enforcing software, monitoring and accessibility.

3.10 The company does not guarantee the technological features of the website and/or the information would be available constantly and consistently. The company would work to fix malfunctions to the best of its ability. It should be clarified that some of the information on the website is operated and/or depends on external factors that the company has no control over whatsoever.

3.11. The company maintains the right, at all times, to change and/or stop any aspect and/or feature and/or use of the website and/or the service, including content, working hours and/or tools and/or conditions required to access and use the website and/or parts of the website. The company is eligible to stop the distribution of any information, change and/or stop any method of sharing data and change the speed of data transfer or any other quality of broadcasting.

3.12. The company reserves the right to take action and change from time to time the website’s interface, the programs offered to users and/or the services provided.


  1. The employers declaration


   4.1. The employer has found the system appropriate to their needs and they use it as it is in order to recruit the candidates they choose to hire. Any consequences of use of the websites including claims from a third party towards the website and the nature of the service are the responsibility of the employer.




  1. Conditions regarding purchasing a subscription on the website

5.1. The websites features a paid yearly subscription and/or a renewable monthly subscription, an option to purchase added features according to use, and access to the system and all of its features regarding employee recruiting platform. We encourage you to read the terms and conditions of use thoroughly before purchasing anything and/or using the website.

5.2. The website’s owner reserves the right to add and/or remove products and/or any type of product and/or services and/or features to/from the system.

5.3. Details and conditions of a subscription, the terms of the deal including the subscription fee may and will appear on the website itself and/or on a landing page and/or in a designated page on the website (Below: “sign up page”). The website’s owner reserves the right to change the sign up page and its content including (but not limited to): Terms of services and/or the price at any time.

5.4. In order to register on the website you must follow the instructions on the website and in particular the sign up page which leads to the payment page (Below: “payment page”).

5.5. On the sign up page the costumer will be asked to leave a name and Email address and later would be transferred to the payment page where they would be asked to fill in personal details such as their name, address, phone number, Email address and method of payment (Below: “Subscriber details”) and eventually send the form with the complete and accurate subscriber details to the website and/or company (Below: “Payment”). It is crucial to fill in your details accurately to insure a proper transaction.

5.6. Use of the system is personal and providing details and/or registration and accepting the terms and conditions should be done only directly by the subscriber after reading and accepting the terms and conditions. In a case of an authorized user appointed by a company they would be considered a user.

5.7. The company reserves the right to demand confirmations and credentials to make sure a third party has authorized use of the system.

5.8. After the subscriber has paid, the website and/or company will confirm the subscriber’s details with the Credit Company and/or bank to receive a confirmation of payment (Below: “Confirmation of payment”). Note that the subscriber will be charged at the moment of making the payment and/or at the beginning of every month in the case of a renewable monthly/yearly subscription.

5.9. In case a confirmation from the credit company has not been received a confirmation of payment will not be issued. The user then must contact costumer service over Email and/or phone (as they appear on the website) and see that the issue is resolved. The website’s owner holds no responsibility and would not be held accountable for any damage, direct or indirect, caused by unconfirmed payments.

5.10. After making the payment and receiving conformation the costumer would receive subscription details – a username and a password – which allow access to the website and the service. It is recommended to keep these details secret and not to share them with anyone.


  1. Cancellations

6.1. Monthly/Yearly subscription – termination of a subscription by the costumer in the middle of the month/year would be conducted according to national laws. Cancellation will take place up to 14 days after receiving the notice.

6.2. Purchase of advertising services – Non cancellable

6.3. Purchasing Candidate’s details – A digital copy that has already been sent to the costumer cannot be returned.

6.4. It should be made clear that there is no option to return products that can be recorded, copied or duplicated.

6.5. Should the subscriber not respect the terms of the deal (Including this document) with the website’s owner – not paying for the subscription for example – The website’s owner maintains the right to terminate contact with the subscriber and limit their access to the website and it’s content. Under these circumstances the costumer would be treated as if they cancelled the subscription willingly.


  1. The service provided

7.1. The company provides the users with an online platform made for presenting information for their use and convenience. The company is not responsible for the information or any actions taken based on the information.

7.2. The system is WEB based and depends on a stable internet connection. The user acknowledges that the internet connection sometimes malfunctions and that this is not under the company’s control. Therefore the company cannot be held responsible for malfunctions and/or loss of information which occur while transferring data online. The websites and/or parts of it and/or services might not be available at times for different reasons, including maintenance. Access to the website and/or to parts of it and/or to specific services might be disturbed and/or suspended and/or terminated temporarily or permanently, for reason that depend on the company or for reasons that are not under the company’s control. The user relinquishes the right to make claims and/or demands and/or file a lawsuit for damages and/or payments and/or losses caused by the aforementioned reasons and as a result of any use of the website.

7.3. All use of the website is the user’s responsibility only. The user declares they are aware that the company does not recommend and/or express any opinion through the content featured on the website including information and/or services. Do not rely upon and/or make decisions based on the information. The full responsibility is the users and they should be aware of all possible consequences that might result from use of the website and its content. No claim can be made against the website including ones regarding reliability and/or direct and/or indirect damage.

7.4. The websites holds no responsibility or gives any consideration regarding hiring or not hiring any candidates for any job. The website provides only a platform for collecting and processing information.

7.5. The answers to tests submitted by candidates might not be saved in the system in the case of a malfunction. In this case the candidate would have to take the test again. The candidates and/or employers cannot make claims against the company in that case.


  1. Website content

8.1. The company takes no responsibility for content on the website which is uploaded and/or submitted by external factors including third parties. These are tests that the users answer willingly.

8.2. The company is not responsible for the accuracy, truthfulness, and usefulness of content and/or information on the website. The company takes no responsibility, under any circumstances, for damages and/or loses caused by users and/or any other party relying on information obtained through the website and/or provided by the company. These are the user’s exclusive responsibility. If you have encountered misinformation and/or errors on the website you are encouraged to report directly to the company.

8.3. If you encounter content on the website which violates the rights of a third party, you are encouraged to report to the company through the website. Note that your details and complaint would be transferred to a third party in order to examine your claim.

8.4. The company reserves the right to terminate subscriptions of users who have breached these terms of use and particularly the terms of the license to use granted by the company. This can be done by discontinuing the user’s access to the services, deleting accounts and terminating any contractual and/or other obligations between the user and the company. Should the company decide to take these actions without a notice before the fact, the user would have no claim and/or demands and/or case against the company.  


  1. Use of the website

9.1. It is forbidden to use the website and the content on it for malicious purposes, including illegal activities or actions that can damage, deceive, encourage, solicit or incentivize anyone to take illegal actions, take advantage of a third party’s intellectual property, invading a third party’s privacy, cast false accusations on the website and the people behind it. Taking actions to hurt the website such as use of malware, mining data either manually or by using a software, using the website and content in any way that is not approved by these terms and conditions, saving the content on the website, both on private and public pages, on a hard drive and/or personal computer and/or online and/or on an Email – this includes screenshots and/or photos and videos of the screen – is strictly forbidden.


  1. Contact Information

10.1 Email

10.2 The company would make an effort to reply to your inquiries within a reasonable amount of time.


  1. Privacy


11.1. All details provided by users while using the system on the website or on social media and all data based on the use of the system and all information regarding the users would be subject to the conditions detailed below.

11.2. Use of the website and providing personal details shall be considered a consent by the users to have their details managed by the company, and allows the company to use the information for marketing purposes, business purposes and transfer the information to a third party. The users declare that in any of these cases the company cannot be accused of violating the user’s privacy.

11.3. Users of the website declare they are aware of the fact that the company is collecting statistics regarding its user’s activity, using cookies and other analytical features for marketing and other purposes, and to adapt the website to the user’s preferences.

11.4. Cookies are text files, created by the user’s browser and stored on the hard drive of the user’s PC. These files contain information including pages visited, duration of visit, port of entry and activity on the page.

11.5. In case the company and/or website lets the users know, when providing their Email address, that they are eligible to send them offers and promotions, the users give their consent to the company and/or representatives of the company to address them with advertisements and offers via Email, text message, mail, fax, automatic phone calls and/or any other form of communication. In this case the costumer would have no complaint and/or demands and/or case against the company.

11.6. It should be made clear that the potential employers (a third party) would have access to the website’s system.


  1. The company’s property rights

12.1. Every aspect of the website including information, presentation of that information, explanations, diagrams, videos, tables etc. belongs to the website and its owner, including the website layout, logo, interface, structure, software, applications, code, graphics, text and all other features presented on the website are the company’s intellectual property. It is forbidden to copy, change, publish, broadcast, transfer, sell, distribute or use the content on the website or any part of it for any commercial purposes without prior written consent from the company. Any violation of this clause would be considered a copyright infringement and/or intellectual property rights infringement and could result in penalty and/or fines and/or a criminal record for the user.


  1. Responsibility disclaimer

13.1. The candidate declares they understand and agree to the fact the website has no relation or responsibility towards the employer and that the website is a platform for recruiting employees and providing data to recruiters. No claims against the website’s owner would be valid.

13.2. The websites takes no responsibility of any kind regarding labor laws and has no relation to the process of hiring as is described in the US labor laws. The system provides the platform as is. The employer and the candidate declare use of the system for that purpose and there can be no valid claims regarding an unlawful hiring process. Any transgression from the law must be considered independently and as the responsibility of the transgressor.

13.3. The website’s owner is in no way responsible for the content of the questions. The employer declares responsibility for any claim towards the questions during the hiring process from any party including the candidates being interviewed. The employer gives their consent by agreeing to these terms and conditions.

13.4. Any answer and/or evaluation given to the user and/or potential candidate either through the website or by the potential employer is the employer’s responsibility. The employer gives their consent by agreeing to these terms and conditions.

13.5. Responsibility for the question’s content, quality and legality would be the interviewers only. The website takes no responsibility regarding these and no claims from a third party would be eligible. In any case of claims like these coming up the responsibility would be the recruiter’s to bear and all legal expenses the website’s owner might be forced to spend would be paid by the recruiter.


  1. Change in terms and conditions and privacy policy

14.1. The company reserves the right to change, cease, suspend and/or cancel the terms and conditions of use including the privacy policy at any time according to its judgment and is not obliged to provide an explanation or a notice before the fact.

14.2. In case the company decides to change the conditions of use and/or the privacy policy, it can make the users aware by sending an Email to the Email address provided by the user and/or by posting a notice regarding the change on the website.

14.3. The company encourages the users to stay up to date regarding the terms and conditions.


  1. General

15.1. The company reserves the right to perform occasional check-ups regarding proper use of the license provided. The can and will include, among other things, tracking the users IP address and the locations from which users access their accounts.

15.2. The clause titles are for convenience only and should not be used to interpret the conditions of use.

15.3. Any right, relief and/or remedy becoming the company according to these conditions would not detract from any other right, relief and/or remedy the company is otherwise eligible to.

15.4. These terms and conditions would not be considered a contract in favor of a third party and gives no rights whatsoever to any third party.

15.5 Any consent, avoiding action or granting continuance by the company would not be considered a ceding of its right described in these terms and conditions and/or by any other law, and would not be considered a precedence or taken as an example for similar cases, and would not prevent the company from exercising its full rights at any time, and no claims can be made regarding consents or suspension.   

15.6. The law applying to activities on the website and to these terms and conditions is the law of the state of Israel only. The exclusive right to discuss any lawsuit and/or claim regarding these terms and conditions is given to the appointed Tel-Aviv court.

15.7. The company reserves the exclusive right to change the plans and/or products offered including, but not limited to, terminating options to subscribe for a temporary and/or trial period subscription. Everything is up to the company’s exclusive judgment.

15.8. The maximum sum of compensations, would not exceed 50 USD ($)

15.9. The invalidity of one or more of these conditions would not affect the validity of the conditions as a whole. An invalid condition or one that can’t be imposed would be replaced by the closest valid condition, according to the law.

15.10. It should be made clear that these terms and conditions apply equally to private users, companies (registered or unregistered), freelancers, independent businesses and any kind of user.

15.11. Termination of subscriptions would take place in a legal manner.


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